Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23 WOD: Dead lift couplet


6 sets of dead lifts

Set 1 - 3 reps
Set 2 - 2 reps
Set 3 - 1 rep
Set 4 - 3 reps
Set 5 - 2 reps
Set 6 - 1 rep

The last 3 set of weights must be heavier than the first 3 set of weights.

B. Metcon

EMOM x 10

3 dead lifts (80% of heaviest DL in SWOD)
6 burpees

For the SWOD, I did 135, 145, 155, 145, 165, 175#. Technically, the box is closed tomorrow but for the die-hards, there's what's called the traditional Noche Buena WOD which is always harder than the usual workouts we have. And tomorrow they're doing Naughty Nancy, the 6th WOD in the 2013 CF Games. So, no thanks. I shall just eat and get fat tomorrow.

My score: 175# (dead lifts); 10 rounds, 135#

Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19 WOD: My third 12.4

Throwback WOD time! A lot of people at the box seem to be preparing for the 2014 Open and I think today's workout served as sort of a gauge for their progress.

The first time we did this was in March 2012, and again in March this year.

12 minutes AMRAP

150 wall balls (9/7 kg)
90 double unders
30 muscle ups

The real time cap is 12 minutes but Coach Jordan set the clock at 20 minutes. I know. Ugh, right? Actually, when the 12 minutes expired I sat down for a bit and contemplated on whether or not I was going to continue until the end of the 20 minutes. Not hard to guess what I did. But man, those wall balls were never ending. I think I got a stiff neck because I was always looking up.

My score: End of 12 minutes - 126 Rx; end of 20 minutes - 150 wall balls + 46 DUs Rx

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17 WOD: Bookend

I had no plans of working out today because I'd slept late last night helping my sister out with her baking and I had an errand to run this morning after my meeting with my son's teacher (yes, it's that PTC time of the year). But my schedule got messed up and I ended up having to work out. Just when I thought I could escape running for the third time in a row!

For time (20 minute cap if scaled, no cap if Rx):

800m run

Then 5 rounds:
5 burpee over bar
7 front squats (155/105#)
9 chest to bar pull ups

Then 800m run

Ideally, we should spend a total of only 8 minutes for the runs. That's an 8-minute mile. Um, I don't think so. I scaled the front squats because we couldn't use racks. Also, Coach Jordan allowed me to do ring rows instead of pull ups.

My score: 4 + 2 front squats (85#)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dec 16 WOD: 1RM Shoulder press


6 work sets to 1RM shoulder press (20 minutes)

B. Metcon

7 minutes AMRAP

7 box jumps (24/20")
7 burpees
7 kettlebell swings (24/16 kg)

I didn't get a PR on the shoulder press but I'm happy that 70# didn't seem as heavy as it did the first time. I remembered to avoid overextending my back as much as possible (I don't think I bent it that much) and I tried to keep my whole body tight

Fewer and fewer people have been going to the 10 am class. My theory is it's because of the slightly cooler temperatures and the shorter days that make it more difficult to get up in he morning. Oh, and I'm sure the heavy holiday traffic is also a factor.

My score: 70# (shoulder press); 4 + 6 KBS (yes, one friggin rep shy of 5 rounds)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 12 WOD: Olys and pull ups

A. BBG/Skill

8 minutes: Warm up to 70% of 1RM snatch
5 minutes EMOM snatch 1 rep at 70-75%

Rest 2 minutes

8 minutes: Warm up to 75% of 1RM clean and jerk
5 minutes EMOM clean and jerk 1 rep at 75-80%

B. Cash out

2 sets for time:
25 pull ups

Only four people attended the 11 am class, including myself. Judging from pictures and chat conversations, the others are probably still wasted from last night's box Christmas party.

Anyway, I did real pull ups today! We were given 12 minutes to complete the two sets, so that was a lot of time. I was fretting about the pull ups and had asked Coach Jordan for advice. He told me to do pull ups for the first set, then ring rows for the second set. I agreed, but I knew that if I started with the pull ups I would most likely stick to it till the end. Success! And look, ma, no tears (on my hands, that is)!

My score: 55# (snatch); 90# (C&J); 9:39 Rx

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CrossFit thoughts

If there is one thing that CrossFit has taught me, it's to put more value in what my body can do as opposed to what it looks like.

In today's world where everyone on social media can see what other people look like, it's so easy to be insecure and feel bad that you don't have firm arms, a thigh gap, or a flat belly. I wish more women would discover how much more confident they'd feel if they were strong.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 10 WOD: Jerk balance

A. Skill

3 x 3 jerk balance

B. Metcon

10 dead lifts (245/165#)
15 clapping push ups
20 pull ups
25 double unders

The 12:30 pm class was overflowing so Coach Jordan had to do 2 heats. I scaled down again today. I've had no drive lately. Maybe (I hope) it's just a case of holiday-related laziness.

My score: 70# (jerk balance); 14:10 (125#; kneeling clapping push ups; ring rows)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9 WOD: Double the difficulty

Why do they make Monday WODs difficult? They must know we (meaning, I) indulge too much at weekends.


Every 2 minutes for a total of 5 sets (10 minutes)
5 clusters (135/95#)
10 toes to bar

Rest 5 minutes

Every 2 minutes for a total of 5 sets (10 minutes)
5 ground to overhead (135/95#)
10 box jumps (30/24")

Clusters are squat clean to thruster, which means they really take a toll on the legs because you need to clean the bar every darn time before pressing it up. For the second WOD I reduced the weight to 55# because Tere had the brilliant idea of snatching it instead of doing a clean and jerk.

Another nasty WOD done and dusted.

My score: 5 rds (65#); 5 rds (55#, 24")

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dec 6 WOD: Second dance with The Chief

Well hello there, The Chief. We meet again.

We did this workout in January so I knew it was going to be awful.

The Chief

5 cycles of:

3 minutes AMRAP
3 power cleans (135/95#)
6 push ups
9 squats
Rest 1 minute

I remember that the goal was to be able to do at least 20 rounds. I was thinking about doing the WOD as prescribed but Charles recommended scaling down. He said it would be a shame if you do go Rx and complete only 15 rounds.

My score: 20 + 3 power cleans (75#)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dec 5 WOD: Push and pull

A. SWOD and Skill

4 sets:

5 strict press
Rest 90 seconds
3 weighted strict pull ups
Rest 90 seconds

B. Metcon

6 minutes AMRAP

5 pull ups
10 burpees

Just my luck that on the day I decided that my torn palms could take on WODs again, there had to be pull ups. I did the strict pull ups with a blue band for the first part of the WOD but did ring rows instead of pull ups during the metcon.

My score: 65# (strict press); 5 + 1 burpee

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2 WOD: Clean and jerk rewind


In 15 minutes, work up to a heavy (submaximal) clean and jerk.

B. Metcon

5 RFT (15 minute cap)

5 clean and jerk (155/105#)
10 pull ups

The good news is, this week didn't start with a DNF. My clean and jerks felt a little iffy today so I didn't attempt to go for a PR. I wanted to negotiate with Coach Jordan about doing ring rows instead of pull ups, but he said I should do them Rx'd because I should work on them. Fine!

My score: 105# (clean and jerk); 13:48 (75#)