Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exploring CrossFit

Soon after I discovered running, I learned the value of cross-training. I learned that a strong core is essential to becoming a strong runner. One thing led to another and after some research, I came across some tumblr blogs talking about crossfit and how it helps them run strong. At that time I knew we didn't have anything like that in the country but eventually, some months ago, I heard that a box had just opened somewhere in Libis. Then I found out that it's just walking distance from the office... what are the chances, right? It must be a sign.

However, it took a long time before I finally signed up for a trial because I was just too chicken. I used to go to a regular gym years ago, and I knew that CrossFit is anything but regular. Anyway, when I finally signed up, I managed to convince my brother-in-law to have a trial as well. So last Saturday afternoon we went and spent the most intense 15 minutes of our lives.

After a quick warmup, the trainer walked us through the workout: 7 reps each of wall balls, pull-ups, box jumps, and burpees for as many rounds as we can in 15 minutes. Sounds simple enough, right? Simple, yes. Easy? No. And man was it tough. I almost gave up after just 2 rounds. But somehow, thanks to one of the guys there who never stopped pushing and motivating me, I managed to do 4 rounds. During those 15 minutes, all I was focused on was getting it done. There was no room in my brain to think of anything else... and THAT's the kind of workout I love. They don't have mirrors there so I didn't waste time checking how I looked and if my hair was ok (I'm a girl like that). And in the end I didn't care anymore what I looked like. Didn't matter that my face was probably red and my tongue was hanging out and I was panting from the exertion. I was just happy to be done.

And so I'll definitely be signing up after I use up those vouchers I bought on dealgrocer. Meanwhile, here's an inspiring video of the recently concluded CrossFit Games 2011.

By Patrick Cummings

I am a lifeguard on an ocean of potential
I rescue success from the depths of fatigue,
breathe life back into lungs like arrows from muted tongues
I am both singular and in unison
I can be ignored like cloud cover, sold like medicine
I can be spit out like oil spills and cleaned up like apologies
I am a stray tornado at the bulkhead of your basement breath
and I am wondering if you will let me in
You can tell them later how the radio of your mind came clear
like a car exiting a tunnel,
how standing back up felt like drowning in reverse
When the jackhammer in your chest settles,
tell them how you were pulled back into the boat of possibility,
how you took the oars and you found the shore,
how you listened to the voice inside when I whispered,
"more, more, more"
until I was quiet like satisfaction and still like pride