Friday, November 29, 2013

Nov 29 WOD: Journey

The only thing that makes DNFs suck less is hitting a PR.


In 12 minutes, work up to a heavy power clean and jerk.

B. Metcon

"Journey" (15 minute cap)

100 overhead squats (115/75#)
3 burpees EMOM

It sucked when I was a newbie and it sure sucked now. My quads still hadn't recovered from last Monday's WOD so I had to go slowly with the OHS. My quads are so mad right now. When I sit too long and stand up my legs feel so wooden. On the bright side, I PRed my clean and jerk today! Finally nailed 115# and was really close to getting 120# but my core got wobbly.

My score: 115# (power clean and jerk); 60 (55#)

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