Friday, September 28, 2012

Sep 28 WOD: Isabel and lunch with the moms' class

It's another benchmark day! We met Grace's best friend, Isabel today. We were given a time cap of 15 minutes to do:

- 30 snatches (Rx: 95 lbs)

I set up a 45 lb bar and practiced and decided that I was going to stick with that. Then Coach Jordan encouraged me to add a little more weight since he said I got the technique right (aww, he's so nice). So I did, and worked with a 50 lb bar.

My time: 5:38.

For the cash out, we did Turkish get-ups. Well, more like practiced doing them. I got the lightest kettlebell (8 kg), but I couldn't do the step-by-step movements so Jordan had us practicing the movements instead. We balanced a shoe atop our fist, and we had to make sure that it stayed balanced.

After that, we all hurried to get to Pao's house, where he had the most sumptuous (non-paleo) lunch prepared for us. He served asado, beef brisket, poached salmon, chips with homemade salsa, and teppanyaki ice cream (vanilla ice cream with fruits sautéed in butter). Sooo good!

Teppanyaki ice cream
The "moms' class" with honorary moms Dorothy, Tin, and Pao
(photo grabbed from Tin)
What a great way to end the week!

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