Monday, October 1, 2012

Oct 1 WOD: Monday madness!

Wait, what? It's already October??

I put off strength training today because we were doing back squats. I was told to aim to do the same weight I did for my last 3RM. My sets:

3 x 45
3 x 65
3 x 80
3 x 95
3 x 110

It helped that Miggy had us work on mobility before we started working on our back squats. He explained that working on our mobility will help us get stronger, and we did several stretches to help open our hips. It hurt (it's supposed to hurt) but it did help with our squats!

After the back squats, we did one minute max rep thrusters. Rx weight was 65 but I stuck with 45.

And then, we had to do 6 mins AMRAP of:

- 5 pull ups
- 10 power cleans (Rx: 65 lbs)
- 15 double unders

After almost one year, I think I'm finally getting the hang of those thrusters. And I finally might be ready to add some weight to my empty 45 lb bar! My scores: 110 3RM; 20 thrusters; 3 rounds.

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