Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sep 26 WOD: Team WOD + Wendler

Strength: Shoulder press

Well, this caps the second week of my second cycle. So far, so good.

Warm up: 3 x 45

70% x 3 = 3 x 40
80% x 3 = 3 x 45
90% x 3+ = 7 x 50

Team WOD

I almost flaked on this WOD. It was posted on the website last night and I got a sinking feeling when I saw that it was a team WOD. And when I got to the box, all I could think about was how I mustn't screw it up. As you can see, I tend to take CrossFit a tad too seriously. :)

For the workout, we were split into teams of 3, and I got teamed with Hansel and Lady. As a team, we were to do 15 sets of the 3 exercises (that's 5 sets each):

- 15 wall balls (Rx: 14 lbs)
- Kettlebell swings (Rx: 16 kg)
- Box jumps (Rx: 18")

Here's how it worked: One person does the wall balls while one does the KBS and the other does the box jumps. Whoever does the wall balls was the pacer, and as long as the pacer was working, the other 2 need to keep going. The score is the total number of KBS and box jumps. The catch was, we had to do the 15 reps of wall balls unbroken. We did it, though!

Our score: 342, done in 12:32.

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