Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jul 25 WOD: First time, first WOD

If you're familiar with the old Coke commercial that came out in the 80s, doesn't the WOD name just invoke images of young, giddy love and happiness? And because I love that commercial so much, I just have to post it here.

We were all made to do the intro WOD -- the same one we did the very first time we tried (and fell in love with) CrossFit. It was used as sort of a benchmark to see how we've progressed. It's 15 mins AMRAP of:

- 7 wall balls
- 7 pull ups
- 7 box jumps
- 7 burpees

The first time I did this workout nine months ago, I used a 3 kg ball for the wall balls, a green band for the pull ups, and a 12" box for the box jumps. I felt like death and completed 4 rounds. Today, I used a 10 lb ball, a blue band, and an 18" box -- I still felt like death but I completed 6 rounds + 1 box jump. Win!

After resting a while, Ann, Lady, and I all decided to do Grace, since we missed her yesterday.

I used 55 lbs; my time: 3:45. Now I regret that I didn't go heavier. Next time, Grace!

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