Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jun 3 WOD: Snatch PR!

A. BBG: Snatch

20 minutes to build up to a heavy snatch

B. Metcon

For time (20 minute cap):

1000m row or 800m run, then

3 rounds of:
15 overhead squats (115/75#)
15 ring dips

From now on, unless the coach says we're supposed to do the power snatch, I will always choose the full snatch during skill sessions. Also, I will always focus on the task at hand. I think those really helped me to finally break my snatch plateau. I can't even remember the last time I attempted heavy snatches.

I chose to row during the metcon, and I did parallette dips. Note to self: start practicing real ring dips!

My score: 70# (snatch); 16:35 (45#)

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