Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6 WOD: Burn

A. Skill

Work up to a heavy full snatch (12 minutes)

B. Metcon

3 RFT (25 minute cap)

10 lateral jumps
15 thrusters (95/65#)
20 knees to elbows

Plate overhead hold (45/35#) after each round -- duration must be the same as the time it took to finish the preceding round. There is a 3-burpee penalty every time the OH hold is broken.

The plate OH hold was pure agony. Sweat was streaming down my face and I was just holding the darn plate up. My shoulders were very much burnt after that -- literally hot to the touch. To think they're still achy from last Friday's WOD. I finished the 3 rounds but I still had a 2 minute OH hold to do when the time expired.

My score: 55# (full snatch); 3 rounds + 2 minute OH hold (55# thrusters; 15# plate)

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