Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nov 7 WOD: Push ups and DUs


5 sets (12 minutes)

Snatch balance + OHS (focus on technique and mechanics)


5 sets (12 minutes)

Power snatch complex: power snatch from high hang + power snatch from mid-thigh + power snatch from mid-shin

C. Metcon

3 RFT (8 minute cap)
25 hand release push ups
50 double unders

I was complaining about the DUs again and was saying how I knew it was going to slow me down when Coach Jordan called me out and basically said I shouldn't start thinking like that. Yes, my head is always messing with me!

My score: 50# (snatch balance); 55# (power snatch complex); 2 + 15 HRPUs

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