Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sep 3 WOD: Comeback WOD

I haven't worked out since Thursday last week because I got sick on Friday. Sick as in I-had-a-fever sick. And it's been such a long time since I've had a fever I've forgotten how utterly terrible it is to be sick. I was already well yesterday but I still didn't work out just to be sure I'm okay. Although I was still feeling very heavy and lazy this morning, I managed to get myself ready.


1. 10 minutes to find a heavy complex:
Power clean + hang power clean + jerk

2. EMOM x 5 minutes
1 complex at 80% of previously done heavy complex

B. Metcon (12 minute cap)

Hang power clean (135/95)
Box jumps (24/20)

My score: 90# (heavy complex); 6:52 (bar weight at 75#)

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