Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aug 29 WOD: Cleans and abs

I'm not feeling 100% today due to a cough and a dull headache (sugar headache from all the cake I've been stuffing my face with probably).


5 minutes EMOM
2 cycles of two-point power clean to front squat (60-70%; pause below the knee and above the knee)

5 minutes EMOM
2 cycles of two-point squat clean

Then 10 minutes to find 1RM squat clean

B. Metcon

Tabata abs
4 rounds candlestick rollup
4 rounds bicycle
4 rounds hollow rocks
4 rounds plank hold

I attempted 115 lbs while trying to find my 1RM squat clean, and while I was able to rack it I couldn't stand up.

My score: 75 (two-point cleans); 105 (1RM squat clean)

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