Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 27 WOD: Leg WOD

A. Skill (10 minutes)

Sitting box jump for height

B. SWOD (10 minutes)

5 x 2 box squats (70-80%)

C. Metcon

Buy in: 200m sprint, then

At exactly 1 minute: 10 rounds tabata box jumps (over 70% of max box jump)

Cash out: 100 double unders (2 minute time cap)

The sitting box jump is when you sit on a box (12" box in my case) then you do a box jump from that position without pausing when you stand up. The box squat is like a regular back squat, but instead of bouncing from the bottom you sit on a box (12" again for me) and pause in that seated position then stand up.

My score: 32" (max box jump); 110 (box squats); 59 BJs (24" box); 30 DUs

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