Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug 13 WOD: Hang squat clean couplet

It was a rainy long weekend, which I spent reviewing my son for his first quarterly exams. I ate nothing but junk (think fluffy, glutenous pancakes and waffles, hot chocolate, and cookies) so it's no wonder I was feeling sluggish this morning. I wanted to workout yesterday but since classes were suspended due to the typhoon, I stayed home and reviewed my son some more. So, today is the start of my "eat clean, train mean" month.


High bar back squat 3 x 5 (70%)

B. Metcon


Hang squat clean (135/95)

I shared a bar with Rhona for the back squats. I felt like such a sissy because I kept complaining that the bar hurt the back of my neck. Coach Jordan let me wrap a towel around the bar to cushion the area. Can't help it if I have a bony neck!

As with any WOD with a 21-15-9 rep scheme, the metcon sucked. I used a 65 lb bar and divided my sets. And I may have rested too much. But can I just say how much I love the hook grip? I believe it saved my forearm from fatiguing too soon. I wonder when I'll feel confident enough to use Rx'd weights though.

After the WOD, Rhona and I practiced doing sprints, which apparently isn't as easy it looks. Coach Jordan taught us how to move our legs and we practiced doing that for 2 laps (400m).

My score: 105 (HBBS); 10:59 (65)

(Again, one of the many Ryan Gosling
CrossFit memes floating around on Pinterest)

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