Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aug 14 WOD: Of kipping pull ups and clapping push ups

I don't usually work out on Wednesdays because those are my rest days, but I made an exception this week since I missed the WOD on Monday. Also, Helen was bringing food to celebrate her pull-up PR (she just recently unlocked the skill).

A. Gymnastics WOD

Kipping; kipping pull-ups (20 minutes)

B. Metcon

7 minutes AMRAP

5 clapping push ups
7 kipping pull-ups
9 air squats

I have yet to use the gymnastic grips that we ordered through Smacky. It feels weird. Maybe it will take some breaking in and a lot of getting used to. I practiced kipping and kipping pull-ups with taped hands. And good thing I taped them, too, because I almost tore another callus.

The clapping push ups were new. You push your torso up, clap in front of your chest, then bring your hands down quickly to avoid hitting your chest on the floor.

After the WOD, Rhona and I rested a while before doing sprints with Smacky. He wanted us to do 5 x 200m, with a minute rest in between sets. He also said we must run 200m in under a minute. We were able to do it, but after 3 rounds we were toast.

My score: 3 + 6 squats; 0:45/0:45/0:51 (sprints)

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