Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jul 25 WOD: Throwback Thursday

I was in the box area super early but I decided to while away the time in the office. It was only then that I checked the WOD and saw that we were doing Open workout 12.1 again. As if doing it once in your life isn't enough.


Clean complex EMOM x 10

Dead lift
Power clean
Front squat
Squat clean

B. Metcon

7 minutes AMRAP burpees

These were my sets for the clean complex: 75 x 3; 85 x 5; 95 x 2. The score is the total weight multiplied by the number of successful sets you did. Lucky me, I was able to complete all 10 sets. For the metcon I aimed to do 10 burpees per minute so I could at least get 70. When I did this last year I only got 54, and we had to touch an overhead target that was 6" away from our fingertips. This time there was no target but we still had to bring our hands together to complete one rep.

Just so you know

My score: 840 (clean complex); 76

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