Monday, February 27, 2012

Paleo Challenge Day 13 + Feb 27 WOD: Open 12.1

Today's meals

Breakfast: papaya, paleo banana muffin
Lunch: spiced chicken breast, apple
Dinner: left-over grilled pork, veggies cooked in coconut milk
Snacks: paleo pancakes, bacon, apple, paleo banana muffins, bananas


On the menu today was 7 mins AMRAP of... burpees. It is the first WOD for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, which means that everyone who registered for the CF Games Open has to do it and post a video of their WOD on the CF Games website. After the Open, the top athletes go on to compete in the Regionals, and then the top 100 will compete in the CrossFit Games in California in July.

Anyway, we're doing our second head-to-head today, and prior to the WOD, my Paleo Challenge partner Dorothy texted me giving me tips on how to do well. I got there and saw that she'd done 85! So much pressure to do well... I was aiming to do 10 per minute so that I could get at least 70 but in the end, I did 57. And I already felt like dying! I can't believe that the top scores worldwide for girls is 136. I need to get me this shirt, maybe it'll make me faster next time:

Post-WOD, I worked on my double unders. I can do a double under followed by singles now. Progress, at last! And Lady fed us again, and this time she'd brought almond flour banana pancakes and homemade bacon. Yum. After a while the 12:30 class came in and we helped out in counting reps. Till we meet again, burpees!

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