Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jul 23 WOD: Something new

Dmitry Klokov is a Russian weightlifter who recently became popular in the CrossFit community because of his YouTube channel. He has tons of videos of his training and apparently, even though I don't understand a lick of Russian, he incorporates some CrossFit style training in what he does. So when I saw that the SWOD was called "Klokov Press," I had an idea of what we were going to do.


Klokov press 4 x 8 (50% of strict press)

B. Metcon

OTM x 10

3 muscle ups
1 hang power clean (Rx: 135/115; Elite: 185/135)

The Klokov press starts with the bar on your back and your hands in a wide grip position then you do a strict press. For the metcon, I did kneeling muscle ups. And to make up for not being able to press 45 lbs, I went for a heavier weight for the cleans.

After the WOD, I practiced doing wall balls, double unders, and stringing together knees to elbows (my knees and elbows just won't meet!).

My score: 40 (Klokov press); 95 (HPC)

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