Monday, July 1, 2013

Jul 1 WOD: Guilt workout

Maybe it's all in my head, but Monday WODs are so much more difficult. Probably because I usually eat faileo the whole weekend. This weekend I pigged out on way too much cake during the weekend and felt so heavy and lazy today that I briefly toyed with the idea of skipping the WOD.


Power clean 12 x 2 (80% of 1RM)

B. Metcon


15 double unders (unbroken)
10 parallette push ups
5 strict pull ups

I used 95 lbs for the power cleans, and although I wanted to complain about re-bruising my collarbones -- I didn't want to sound like such a girl so I kept my mouth shut as much as possible. The metcon called for unbroken -- yes, unbroken -- DUs. It was at the 10th minute when I finally got my 15 unbroken DUs, and so I was able to finish 1 round. Pathetic! I virtually spent 10 minutes working on my DUs. I was so pissed that for the first time, I joined the other double WODers in the bootcamp.

Well, 0% would be an exaggeration.

Bootcamp WOD:


400m run
15 ring rows
15 overhead lunges
15 hollow rocks
15 medicine ball cleans

Rhona and I just considered the WOD as practice for the throwdown, since we know that there will inevitably be a running WOD there.

My scores: 95 lbs (power clean); 1 round (blue band pull ups); 29:41 (25 lb plate for OH lunges, 6 lb ball for MB cleans)

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