Friday, June 28, 2013

Jun 28 WOD: A PR, a hairy metcon, and a cake

I may need to buy more long socks for these dead lift days.


Dead lift 1RM (15 minutes)
Partner glute ham raise 4 x 15

B. Metcon

7 minutes AMRAP

100m sprint
20 kettlebell swings (32/24)

I grouped with Trish, Rhona, and Helen for the dead lift. The last time I got my 1RM was when I did the Total sometime late last year, and I did 185 lbs. Today, I got a 5 lb PR and did 190. I attempted to do 200 but I couldn't even get the bar off the ground. But I'm still happy with 190. I know I'll get 200 next time!

For the metcon, I used only 16 kg. Good thing, too, because my legs were feeling heavy after the SWOD. Also, mixing running and KBS is never a good thing. Plus it was sooo hot outside! I know the board said "sprint" but I was doing something that looked more like jogging. Finally, after it was all over, we crowded around the tres leches cake that Albright had made and brought. Yum. I love that I have so many boxmates who are bakers and cooks!

Photo by Albright

But wait, that's not all. Like an afterthought, I joined the bootcamp class's cool down of alternating 1 minute wall squats and planks.

My score: 190 (dead lift); 4 + 15 KBS (16 kg)

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