Friday, June 21, 2013

Jun 21 WOD: Double celebration at the box

I wore my special running shirt in hopes that it will give me extra strength and endurance for today's run WOD. Fail!


Power snatch 10 x 3

B. Metcon

2 rounds (6 minutes per round)

800m run
Max reps overhead squats (115/75)

I started with 45 lbs for the power snatch but added weight after a few sets and ended up with 55 lbs. We were told to avoid pressing out, and if we do start pressing out we were to use a lighter weight. Since we were doing only 3 reps every 2 minutes, I took my time and made sure that my form was as correct as can be. I especially made sure to push my knees outward during set up.

For the metcon, I only used 45 lbs. I finished the first run with maybe a minute to spare and was able to crank out 9 reps for the OHS. Don't ask about the second run. My only consolation for having DNF-ed yet again was the food that Gerard and Trish brought (they're celebrating their engagement and Gerard's birthday!): pizza and cheesecake!

Class picture grabbed from Tere's IG post

My score: 55 (power snatch); 9 reps (45 lbs)

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