Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jun 20 WOD: It's heavy jerks and burpee pull ups kind of day

My bruised collarbone is still sore. It hurts to do shoulder presses and cleans but I was still the first one at the box this morning.


Strict press 5 x 5 (65 - 75% of 1RM)

B. Metcon


3 push jerks (205/115)
10 burpee pull ups

Trish and I shared a bar for the SWOD. We did the first set using 45 lbs, then eventually ended up with 60 lbs on the last set. For the metcon I used 75 lbs and did burpee jumping ring pull ups. I felt my form go out the window on the third set, but still I stuck to 75 lbs. I knew I could do it if I didn't rush myself, but I couldn't help but be conscious about my bruised collarbone every time I racked the bar. Mercifully, I finished within the prescribed time with seconds to spare.

My score: 60 (shoulder press); 9:57 (75)

Post-WOD, the girls and I did a bit of what we call "ninja training" with Coach Jordan. He had us do arm rows with a 16 kg kettlebell and another thing where we lie on a bench and, holding an 8 kg kettlebell above, we slowly extend our arms overhead and lower it.

In other news, I got myself a lacrosse ball for self-massaging.

I like that it's more portable than a roller, and that it can reach parts of your body that a roller cannot. Oh, and I love that I can give myself a foot massage just by rolling the soles of my foot on it.

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