Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jun 18 WOD: Of snatch grip dead lifts and hang power cleans

After the disappointing result of yesterday's WOD, I didn't feel like working out today. But my rest days are planned for Wednesdays, and my OC self just couldn't allow for a messed-up schedule so I still went.

A. Skill

Snatch grip dead lift 8 x 3 (using the hook grip)

B. Metcon

13 minute time cap

13, 12, 11, 10... 1 hang power clean (115/75)
1, 2, 3, 4... 13 handstand push ups

I taped my thumbs for the hook grip (see simple demo video below).

Tere (she's back!) and I shared a bar for the dead lift, and we used 110 lbs. For the metcon, she managed to convince me to use the prescribed weight and I'm glad I let myself be convinced. It turns out 75 lbs isn't so heavy after you've done heavier dead lifts. Also, I did handstand holds instead of HSPU (1 rep HSPU = 3 second hold). I felt my arms getting wobbly during my last handstand hold, which was 18 seconds long. But I had to keep holding because I didn't want to waste effort on getting my feet back up.

My score: 110 (snatch grip dead lift); 91 reps (up to the set of 7 HPC)

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