Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 16 WOD: Squattalotta

I can't decide if I love squat day or not. I just know that I feel great whenever I finish and that I love what it does to my butt. Today's workout:

Against a 30 minute running clock:

First 10 minutes, 3RM overhead squat
Second 10 minutes, 3RM front squat
Third 10 minutes, 3RM back squat

I shared a bar with Trish so we had the same score. We started with an empty 45 lb bar (long bar again, yay!) for the OHS and ended up with 120 for the back squats. Since we used a rack for the OHS, we had to jerk the bar up in a snatch grip, which I couldn't do well. I need to work on that and make sure that my elbows automatically lock out overhead. Coach Jordan also said I need to be conscious about standing tall after coming up from the back squat because I tend to stay hunched over.

Our score: 60 (OHS) / 110 (front squat) / 120 (back squat)

I am so not looking forward to having a sore butt tomorrow.

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