Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb 5 WOD: The one where I almost quit

We worked on the clean and jerk today. We were given 10 minutes to work up to a heavy single, with emphasis on form and technique. I worked my way up to 85 lbs.

For the metcon, it was 5 RFT (20 minute time cap):

- 15 thrusters (75/55)
- 12 toes to bar
- 9 box jumps (24"/18")

Knowing that I needed to last 5 rounds, I used only 45 lbs for the thrusters. Coach made us girls use the rings for the toes to bar (or knees to elbows in my case) and had the guys use the bars. For the box jumps, I used the prescribed 18" box.

The first round was okay - I was even able to do the thrusters unbroken. But by the time I reached the 3rd round I wanted to quit. Seriously quit. I was out of breath and dizzy, it was like staring death in the face. But I'd never quit a WOD in my more than 1 year of doing CrossFit and I wasn't going to do it today.

My time: 18:46


  1. What were you feeling when you wanted to quit. Sometimes when I do a session of P90x, I quit when I start to see darkness is creeping up. Literally.

    Is that normal?

    1. That's what I felt -- like my eyes were going dim. I'd stop and take deep breaths, then continue. In my case, that's normal and it happens when I push myself hard.

    2. Ok. Good to hear, I thought I was getting a stroke or something. Happened to me twice already... I was pushing way beyond my usual lazy self.