Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan 17 WOD: 21

So I finally bought a gym bag yesterday. I was actually looking to buy a sports bra in the Reebok store but they disappointingly didn't have any in their Eastwood branch. Then I remembered what my friend told me about the cute and not-so-expensive gym bags that Reebok has so I checked them out and ended up getting one!

Here it is, ready for its first WOD
I like the neon yellow lining and the compartments it has. It's big enough to double as a travel bag too (though I personally prefer using backpacks).

Before the WOD, I worked on my favorite goat, the double unders. I got the idea of targeting a certain number everyday from Amie. She said she makes it a point to do 100 DUs a day; I decided to do 50 DUs a day. I should probably do something like add 10 everyday or every week for a challenge.

Anyway. We did 3 different exercises today. We were to do 7 rounds of the following for 21 minutes:

1st min: 2 to 3 towel pull ups
2nd min: 10 kettlebell push press per arm (total of 20 reps)
3rd min: 3 dead lifts

I partnered with Rach and we used an 8 kg kettlebell for the push press and a 135 lb bar for the dead lifts. We had initially used a 105 lb bar but Miggy added 2 15 lb plates in between sets. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time that the coaches have done this (they do it to almost everyone, actually). I guess I should be glad that they know what I'm capable of more than I do.

We completed all 7 rounds and felt great afterward. I got light bruises on my forearms because of the KB press though.


  1. Thank you for the reminder, Aya. I need to get a gym bag, too. ...asap. I'm gonna show you one time where I put my workout stuff & my boxing gear. It's hilarious.

    1. I'd wanted to buy from Nike but their stuff is so expensive! Buti na lang Reebok is a good alternative.

      Your workout stuff would probably be worthy of its own blog post.