Monday, January 14, 2013

Jan 14 WOD: Hello again, snatch

Thankfully, I didn't get bitten by the lazy bug today and I didn't have such a difficult time getting my butt to the box.

I did my first snatch workout of the year! Today's WOD was 3 RFT (rounds for time):

- 4 power snatch (Rx: 95 lbs)
- 12 pistol squats
- 20 toes to bar

I set up a 55 lb bar and this time it was Coach Jordan who said I should add weight, so for the first time I used 60 lbs in a snatch workout. Halfway through, he remarked that it still seemed too light for me but I didn't add any more weight. I still can't do toes to bar, so I did my best to do knees to elbow instead. No such luck. My knees couldn't get anywhere near my elbows. Maybe just a little more practice will get me there.

For the cash out, we again did 4 x 400m runs every 3 minutes. The score for the run is your fastest and slowest times. My calves felt so stiff and heavy I thought I was going to get cramps.

My scores: 11:41 (60 lbs) for the metcon; 2:06 and 2:30 for the cash out.

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