Friday, December 14, 2012

Dec 14 WOD: 1RM Clean

It was a 1RM kind of day, and we worked on the clean today. We had 20 minutes to find our 1RM clean. I warmed up with the bar and worked my way up from 55 lbs to 105 lbs. I'll take that 5 lb PR, thank you very much!

The last time I got my 1RM power clean, it took me 3 tries before I was able to clean 105 - it was actually a squat clean - and today I only had to do it once! CrossFit works, yo.

For the cash out, we had a choice between:

A. Any 2 of the following:
- 5 rounds for time: 15 unbroken push press
- For time: 60 ring dips
- For time: 10 rounds of 10-second L-sit holds
- For time: 10 rounds of 6 unbroken toes to bar

B. On the minute 5 x 10 reps overhead squats (70-80% of 1RM)

I went for the OHS using a 45 lb bar. 50 reps is no joke!

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