Friday, October 5, 2012

Oct 5 WOD: 5 rounds + Wendler

Strength: Dead lifts

So I was finally able to work on strength today. I was lucky that traffic wasn't so bad even though it's a Friday.

Warm up: 3 x 65; 3 x 80; 3 x 100

75% x 5 = 5 x 120
85% x 3 = 3 x 140
95% x 1+ = 3 x 155

To think that a few months ago, my dead lift 1RM was 155. I should seriously stop being surprised whenever I see proof that CrossFit works.


My heart sank when I saw the WOD. After last Wednesday's burpee-KBS combo, I'd hoped that I wouldn't see them again for some time, but it wasn't to be. Today, we had to do 5 rounds of:

- 5 hand stand push ups
- 10 burpee box jumps (Rx: 18")
- 15 kettlebell swings (Rx: 16 kg)
- 20 medicine ball sit ups (Rx: 14 lbs)

I did pike push ups on a box, used an 18" box for the box jumps, used the prescribed 16 kg kettlebell for the KBS, and a 10 lb ball for the sit ups. It was 20+ minutes of pure agony. During last few reps, Tere kept telling me, "Keep going. Don't stop." Then afterward, while basking in the glow of post-WOD glory, she shared that when she works out, she never stops even though she's freakin' tired. She said she'd slow down, but she doesn't stop. And I think that's one thing I absolutely need to train myself to do.

My time: 21:47.

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