Friday, October 19, 2012

Oct 19 WOD: 1RM Back squat + Wendler


Today's workout was simple: we had to find our 1RM back squat. Then, cash out was 1000m row.

So, I tried to break my 120 lbs 1RM and used 125 lbs. The first time I failed, I'd totally forgotten how to bail and I let the bar roll down my back. How dumb. The second time I tried, Coach Jordan helped me rebalance the bar while I was in the hole, and I was eventually able to come up. Which is why I don't consider that rep. And yes, my 1RM is still stuck at 115 lbs. Boo.

The good news is I PRed my 1000m row! The last time I did it, I finished in 5:08. Today, I finished in 4:41, with no stops! But my legs felt like logs after that.


Strength: Shoulder press

Today's the last day of the second cycle.

40% x 5 = 5 x 25
50% x 5 = 5 x 30
60% x 5+ = 10 x 35

My back squat sets on top
After that, I did some assistance work:

2 x 10 pull ups (blue band)
4 x 10 good mornings (35 lbs)

The recommended number of sets is 5 x 10, but I got lazy again. I suppose this laziness is the reason why I'm not improving.

Brave Mudders on Sunday and I'm so not ready!

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