Monday, September 24, 2012

Sep 24 WOD: Snatch balance + Wendler

Strength: Back squats

Lazy Monday back squats...

Warm up: 3 x 45; 3 x 65

70% x 3 = 3 x 80
80% x 3 = 3 x 95
90% x 3+ = 4 x 105

Sometimes I wonder what my face looks like when I'm working out. Then again, maybe it's better not to know!


1) Snatch balance. We were given 20 minutes to find our 1RM. My sets:

1 x 35
1 x 45
1 x 50
1 x 55
1 x 60

Snatching is another thing that scares me. There's something about having a wide snatch grip that makes me feel insecure and vulnerable. I often feel like I'll lose my balance and I'll get bonked on the head by a heavy barbell. Anyway, I only made it until 55 lbs. I tried snatching 60 lbs twice and failed. Coach Jordan said it was because I wasn't fully extending my hips before I drove the bar up. Hips, hips, hips. Everything is about the hips!

2) 10 mins AMRAP of:

- 7 thrusters (Rx: 95 lbs)
- 7 burpees

I used 45 lbs for the thrusters and I'm so happy because I was able to do the sets unbroken! Even though towards the end my form had gone out the window and my legs were burning! For this workout, I don't know which sucked more - the thrusters or the burpees.

My score: 6 + 3 burpees.

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