Friday, September 7, 2012

My new favorite paleo snack

Now that singkamas is not available anywhere anymore, my new go-to snack whenever I have the munchies is carrot sticks. I get baby carrots because they're sweeter, and I probably consume about 4 everyday. So when one day I get 20/20 vision you know it was the carrots that did it. :)

Just today, I discovered something that makes it even more of a pleasure to eat. I brought a small tub of coconut butter because my big jar of coconut butter was languishing in the pantry and I thought I could eat it by the spoonful when I got bored at work. Then I remembered my carrots and tried dipping a stick in coconut butter. Y-U-M-M-Y! Then again, they do say that coconut butter makes everything yummy.

You have to try it.


  1. Where can I buy the coconut butter.

    I've been using virgin coconut oil (not deodorized) when I fry eggs.

    I don't put salt anymore. Love the flavor that the coconut oil gives.

    1. I order coconut butter by the kilo at I like cooking with VCO too! Ang bango bango ng kitchen pag VCO yung pangluto. I can't live without salt though. Now I'm looking for non-iodized salt -- not the imported and expensive ones, but the ones you can buy by the kilo.