Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear CrossFit

Dear CrossFit,

It's been more than 8 months since we first met and I fell in love with you. It seems to be taking a while but I think you're starting to fall in love with me too. Or is that presumptuous of me?

I feel like I've already changed so much during those 8 months. It's like I'm a different person -- not just in terms of physical appearance and capabilities, but also in terms of personality.

And as an homage to my old tumblr post 15 Things That Change When You Start Running, I thought about writing something similar, this time about my new favorite sport.

15 Things That Change When You Join the Cult of CrossFit
  1. You learn to push your limits inside and outside the box.
  2. You look at minimalist shoes with new interest - not to use them for running, but for WODing (WOD is a verb, no?).
  3. You find out the hard truth that you can do all the ab exercises you want but if you don't change the way you eat, it won't help you much. Indeed, great abs are made in the kitchen (so you also learn to cook).
  4. You sometimes can't resist douchily checking out your guns when you're alone in front of the mirror.
  5. You're not afraid to buy a lot of stuff at the supermarket because you know you'll be able to carry everything to the car - in one trip.
  6. You gain a healthy appreciation of people who look, live, and eat healthy.
  7. You become less conscious about your weight and more concerned about how much weight you're able to lift, clean, jerk, snatch, press, and squat.
  8. Whenever you see a fit-looking guy or girl, you wonder if they do CrossFit.
  9. You're in a foul mood the whole day whenever you miss a WOD.
  10. You're a girl and you have rough, calloused hands but you don't mind.
  11. You notice that your thighs seem to have gotten bigger but you shrug it off because it only means you're getting stronger.
  12. You feel like all CrossFitters are family.
  13. You are intimate with DOMS and you love it because it makes you feel so alive.
  14. You can't stop talking about CrossFit whenever you find someone who would listen (which isn't very often because your friends know not to get you started on the topic).
  15. The smell of rubber plates comforts you.
So I just wanted to say that I'm here to stay, and I hope you are, too.


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