Friday, August 17, 2012

Aug 17 WOD: PWOD + Wendler Day 8

Strength: Back squats

My Wendler partner was absent today but I pushed through with the BS. Third week and I'm feeling good!

That's right
(I got this from pinterest but
I don't know the original source)
Warm up: 3 x 50; 3 x 60; 3 x 70

75% x 5 = 5 x 80
85% x 3 = 3 x 90
95% x 1+ = 3 x 105

Assistance: 5 x 30 kettlebell swings (which was the WOD)

Whew. Back squats are scary. I had to double check the plates on my bar to see if I computed the weights correctly because they felt hecka heavy (my math gets messed up whenever I do CrossFit). On the last set, I thought I was going to have to bail because I had such a hard time coming up on the 3rd rep. But, well, I made it!


It was super simple. We were to pick a partner, and we had 10 minutes to do:

- 1 min on and 1 min off 30 kettlebell swings

Basically, each partner was to do 5 rounds, 1 min each round. If one of the partners isn't able to complete 30 KBS, there's a penalty of 20 hand-release burpees for each incomplete set.

Tin was my partner today, and we both used a 16 kg kettlebell. Although I was able to get 2 complete sets, she was able to do only 1 so between the two of us we had to do 80 hand-release burpees in 5 mins (40 each). Thankfully, we made it in time.

Our score: 1. :(

On the paleo front, I'm planning to make paleofied chocolate truffles, sweetened condensed coconut milk, and Vietnamese iced tea this weekend... if I'm able to buy all the ingredients. So, wish me luck!

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