Friday, July 13, 2012



Yup. No WOD-ing happened today due to family duties. I feel so disoriented. And bad. I miss DOMS.

It's been 7 months since I started doing CrossFit, and I'm still sooo in love with it. Like giddy-in-love with it. Why? Let me count the ways.

1) Doing something new each time you walk into the box. I'm 7 months in and I have yet to repeat a workout. I know that some fitness gurus frown upon the randomness of CrossFit programming, and I can't say they're wrong. But for me, the results speak for themselves. I've never been fitter, even when I used to go to Fitness First almost everyday for 2 years. Crazy.

2) The community. I could walk into any class and find a friend. Yes, introverted me, finding a friend. I love that everyone in the box shares something in common, which is the suffering you endure during every workout. There is always something you can talk about with the people there -- paleo stuff, your dead lifts, your dog, other people.

3) Getting physically and mentally stronger. As mothers whose boys play football (soccer moms, they call us), my sister and I have to pack and lug around heavy stuff whenever the boys have a tournament. Guess who gets to carry the heavier stuff? :) I'm also a wee bit more mentally tough now. Whenever I encounter difficulties outside the box, I recall the most difficult WODs I've done and survived. I'm reminded that I can and will get through anything life throws at me.

4) And last but not the least: the smell of rubber plates. My new favorite smell!

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