Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jul 11 WOD: A triplet + max reps

I am eggzoited about the CrossFit Games. It's too bad that we don't have ESPN3 over here and I think the only way to watch it is through live streaming. I can't believe they're having the athletes do a swim-bike-run routine! Then again, these athletes must have come prepared for anything -- physically and mentally. Like what the coaches say, "Be prepared for the unknown and the unknowable."

For today's workout, we had to do 3 rounds of:

- 15 chin over bar pull ups
- 15 ring dips
- 15 butterfly sit ups

There is then a 2 min rest period, followed by max reps chin over bar pull ups. After that there is another rest period of 1 min, then max reps ring dips.

I used the blue band for the pull ups, and I did my best to put my chin over the bar every time. I paced myself and made every rep count as much as possible, especially for the pull ups. I did band-assisted ring dips for the first time. Wasn't so bad.

My scores: 10:30 / 11 chin over bar pull ups / 13 ring dips.

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