Monday, July 23, 2012

Jul 23 WOD: Nate

Well, today went better than Friday, that's for sure. The board says we're to do the benchmark hero workout Nate today. It includes muscle ups, and since a lot of us couldn't do muscle ups yet, most went for the scaled version, which was 20 mins AMRAP of:

- 4 chest to bar pull ups
- 4 ring dips
- 10 kettlebell swings (Rx: 24 kg)

I used the blue band for the pull ups, a box to put my feet on for the ring dips, and 16 lbs for the KBS.

My score: 12. Take that, you 16-kg kettlebell! Although I have to say that I was afraid that I might accidentally let go of the kettlebell in the middle of a swing, so I had to tighten my grip several times. I was able to do all the reps unbroken, though!

And now, another gratuitous CrossFit video. I like this one because it shows how different the CrossFit Games is from other spectator sports. You go to the CF Games because you want to see how these superfit athletes will do in one of the exercises you've done at the box before. And I'm pretty sure almost all of those who followed the Games has had some exposure to CrossFit -- they've tried it, they're doing it, or they wanna do it.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful and grand display of fitness, health, and beauty? It's like CrossFit Christmas!

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