Thursday, July 26, 2012

My CrossFit shoes

Whenever a WOD involved heavy lifting, I used to take off my shoes and work out in my socks. Before I decided to get new shoes, I only had my old pair of Nike running shoes to use for working out. Then I got these babies:

Inov-8 f-lite 195
I had wanted to get the Bare-XF 210, and I almost did. Good thing the store attendee pointed out these 195s and suggested that I try them. I did, and considering the price difference (the 195 is more than a thousand pesos cheaper than the 210), I thought it was a good buy.

I have tried running in them, but because it offers no cushioning, the farthest I've gone was 3 km. Any farther and my heels would be hurting. I should start getting used to running in minimalist shoes, though.

WOD-ing in them is a pleasure. I used them when I did my CrossFit Total, and I felt the stability when I was doing back squats. The outer sole has some sort of sticky coating that provides fantastic traction, and you need not fear slipping or sliding when doing box jumps. It doesn't hurt that they're so light and the uppers are made of mesh material so your feet never feel hot.

They cost me a pretty penny but they sure are worth it. See, this is how CrossFit makes me poor!

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