Friday, July 20, 2012

Jul 20 WOD: Annie-Grace doubleheader

I DNF-ed this workout. I'm kinda proud, though, because I know I did my best. It didn't look too difficult on the site, but it started looking nasty as Jordan explained it.

There's a 25 min time cap to do 50-40-30 of:

- Double unders
- Sit ups

After that, you do 20 clean and jerks (Rx: 75 lbs), then 30-40-50 of:

- Double unders
- Sit ups

Tere convinced me to use 55 lbs for the clean and jerks, and I'm glad I did. I told myself I'll be happy if I could get to and finish the clean and jerks. The first few reps were shaky, but I made it through. Then it was time for the DUs and sit ups again. I got 6 of the 40 DUs when the 25 minutes ended.

Two casualties of the WOD: my pride and my knuckles.

It's ugly. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I hold the handles like Speal said I should in his DU tutorial. Sigh. I should've asked if they had a cold compress there at the box.

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