Friday, June 8, 2012

Jun 8 WOD: Hope

Today's workout is the same one that's on the main CF site today. It's called "Hope," and athletes are doing it as a fundraiser for a children's hospital in the US.

We had to do 3 rounds of the following exercises, trying to put in as many reps as we could in one minute:

- Burpees
- Snatches (Rx: 55 lbs)
- Box jumps
- Thrusters (Rx: 55 lbs)
- Chest to bar pull ups

You add up all your reps, and that's your score. Since we'd only ever done snatches with the PVC pipe, we practiced doing them using 25 and 35 lb bars. I didn't feel too confident about my form so I went with the 25 lb bar. For the box jumps, I used an 18" box, and for the thrusters, I used a 35 lb bar.

My score: 172. Well, more or less. I lost count somewhere in the 3rd round.

The workout uses the same format as another CrossFit workout called Fight Gone Bad. I haven't done that yet, but this Hope workout sure hecka feels like a fight gone bad (if I were into MMA or BJJ or any of those sports).

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