Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jun 6 WOD: Partner Angie + Throwdown fever!

I'd been dreading the workout ever since I heard from Tricia and Tere that we were doing Angie today (another benchmark girl). We had to do the following for time:

- 100 pull ups
- 100 hand release push ups
- 100 sit ups
- 100 squats

Turns out that it wasn't so bad because they made it a partner WOD. I was paired with Tere, and only one partner at a time could do the exercise.

My weaknesses are push ups and sit ups so I made sure I did good on the pull ups (using the green band, of course). Our strategy was we did as many as we could, and when we felt like we couldn't do any more the other one would take over. I don't think it worked as well as we hoped it would because of the 3 teams, we finished last. Our time: 11:14.

When we were done, it was the throwdown athletes' turn to workout. First pair up was Jobett and Joanna (who did really well), and after them came Gerard and Hansel, then Ann and Yoshi.

A lot of girls came out to show support for Gerard, who was dying of nervousness from the immense pressure of having to do pull ups with no band. In the end, he was able to do 3 and Hansel did the rest.
Gerard went from using the beginners' black band to using none -- how amazing is that?!

All smiles as we wait for the show (photo grabbed from Tin F.)
We were fairly confident that Ann and Yoshi would do great, and of course, they did. While they were at it, all of us were going wild cheering them on. They absolutely crushed Angie to bits. It was like watching an exciting game up close. This is, after all, the sport of fitness.

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