Monday, June 11, 2012

Jun 11 WOD: Pick your poison

Level unlocked: blue band for the pull ups. I am stoked! I know I kept putting off moving up to the blue band, but seeing all the changes in those around me who are so focused on and obsessed with the throwdown, I guess their enthusiasm rubbed off. And I felt like today was a good day to do it. I mean, what better way to start the week than doing something you thought you couldn't?

Today, we had another ascending ladder workout similar to what we did last time. We had to choose 2 of the following exercises and do them every minute on the minute:

- Chest to bar pull ups
- Toes to bar
- Knees to elbows
- Burpees
- Box jumps

I chose the CTB pull ups and knees to elbows (and then eventually knees to chest). I also combined the pull ups and box jumps for a few rounds, but I stayed away from burpees. As I was using the blue band for the first time in a workout, the coaches agreed to let me do regular pull ups instead of chest to bar pull ups. I tried to put my head up over the bar as much as possible, but I started having difficulty going into the 7th round. I'm still glad I finally got the guts to move up one color. Progress!

My score: 9 rounds + some reps (I didn't know we were supposed to remember how many reps we did in the failed round -- not paying attention to the coach).

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