Friday, June 1, 2012

Jun 1 WOD: Death by couplet

I know the WOD name sounds scary, but really, it's not. The workout took less than 10 minutes and not a few complained that it was bitin. We're masochists, we are.

On the board, the workout looks complicated, but it's really just an ascending ladder workout in 30-second increments. So, on the first 30 secs, you do 1 squat and 1 burpee. On the second 30 secs, 2 squats and 2 burpees. On the third 30 secs, 3 squats and 3 burpees. And this goes on until you're not able to complete a set.

My score: 6. I was done in 3 mins. Lame. The warm up took longer than that!

So after the workout, Soleil and I tried doing yesterday's WOD, which was hang squat cleans. I was disappointed when I maxed out at 75 lbs, since my PR is 95 lbs.

We took a class picture by the pull up bars...

Top row: Isabelle, Ann, me, Soleil, Tin
Bottom row: Doray, Tricia, Gerard, Tere
(photo thanks to Tin)
... then we went to have coffee at Starbucks. Good way to end the work week!

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