Friday, May 4, 2012

Post-challenge Day 51 + May 4 WOD: Do your weakness

Today's meals

Breakfast: Bread with peanut butter (non-paleo)
Lunch: Pan-fried cream dory, stir-fried eggplant, sweet potato hash, fudge babies
Dinner: Same as lunch
Snack: Orange, vanilla milkshake (non-paleo)


We had to do the following for time:

- 150 double unders OR 800m run
- 50 wall balls
- 150 double unders OR 800m run

I chose to do the run first, and when I was done with the wall balls I chose to do the 750 single unders. I almost didn't make the 20 min cap! Darn those 750 singles. Halfway through it I was wishing I'd chosen to run instead. Ah well. My time: 19:04.

The thing I love most about doing CrossFit is I learn to push myself further every workout. Well, okay, maybe not every workout, but most workouts I'm able to do it. I want to reach that point where I leave everything on the floor, and I walk out of the box feeling like I couldn't have done better because I'd given it my best shot.

Give it up for the WOD. Every. Time.

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