Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7 WOD: Partner WOD

Today's WOD wasn't too difficult, but I wasn't feeling very enthusiastic about working out. Felt so heavy! It was a partner WOD (PWOD) and together we had to do:

- 100 pull ups
- 100 kettlebell swings
- 100 hand-release push ups

I was partnered with Lady, and she kindly volunteered to go at it first. We broke it up by doing 30 reps, then the remaining 20. I used an 8 kg kettlebell while Lady used a 12 kg one (wow!). Our time: 12:45. We were surprised when we looked at the board and saw that the slowest pair in our class (that's us) still did better than the fastest in the morning classes.

Anyway, cashout was 50 medicine ball sit ups. I used 10#. And now my biceps hurt.

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