Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25 WOD: TGIF

We had another fun workout today. Or maybe it was fun because it's Friday and people are in a good mood. I was a little bit disappointed, though, because when I checked the site last night, I could've sworn I read that we were going to do thrusters today. Oh, well. We shall meet again one day soon, thrusters.

The WOD was 20 mins AMRAP of:

- 5 chest to bar pull ups
- 5 ring dips
- 15 air squats

There were around 10 of us at the 10 am class today so the box was a little crowded. I couldn't find the two pull up bands I'd used during the last WOD so I went back to the green band, but just for today. I also did paralette dips instead of ring dips.

My score: 15 + 5 ring dips. That means I did 225 squats. Good thing my thunder thighs saw me through.

I miss lifting. In one of her posts, CrossFit Lisbeth says, "When nothing else seemed to work right, be right, feel right - the barbell felt right. You could swear, stomp, smash, and get all sorts of ugly but the barbell just took it. Took all of it." Dear barbell, you never fail to make me feel good.


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