Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23 WOD: Leveling up

Remember I promised myself that I will try to do workouts as prescribed whenever possible? Well, I got the chance to fulfill that promise today.

The WOD was 15 mins AMRAP of:

- 10 pull ups
- 20 overhead walking lunges (Rx: 25#)
- 10 sit ups

After days of Jordan encouraging me to move up from the green band when doing pull ups, I finally relented and used 2 thinner bands together (one was purple, the other was a thin black one). It was more challenging than the green band, for sure, but it wasn't that difficult.

For the walking lunges, I used a 25 lb plate as prescribed. It was either that or a 15 lb plate, which is too light. So, my score: 6 rounds + 8 pull ups. Not bad. Not bad at all. Although today's workout wasn't that difficult. Definitely not as difficult as Monday's WOD!


  1. I also follow a certain type of exercise but I can be very lazy sometimes. Hihi.

  2. no exercise for me but I brisk walk ;) hope that one day I can go to the gym ---time!time!!