Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21 WOD: Kettlebell swings again?!

I got a rip on my left hand from doing the kettlebell swings last Friday. I don't want to be a baby about it but it hurts so much! I couldn't shampoo my hair or put lotion properly because I avoid using that part of my hand. And I remember dreading the WOD because I was afraid of aggravating it. But I still went. When do I ever not go?

I got my hand taped (I'm hardcore like that, ha.) and warmed up. Today, we were given a time cap of 20 mins to do 6 rounds of:

- 40 Double unders or 200m run or 200m row
- 16 KBS (Rx: 16 kg)
- 16 Box jumps (Rx: 20")

I went for the row, used a 12 kg kettlebell, and an 18" box. Cray-cray! My time: 19:01.

After the workout, Tere and I promised ourselves that from then on, we will try to go Rx whenever possible. We could've done today's workout as Rx'd but we were just too chicken. As Jordan would say, it's okay to DNF as long as you're working to get stronger. And how else would we be able to do workouts as Rx'd if we don't do it? Duh. Gotta start somewhere.


  1. Don't like kettlebells too. Too much friction on my hands. and I don't have enough lower back strength yet... On at a time...

    1. Kettlebells are not so bad compared to other exercises (like wall balls!). You can start with lighter kettlebells until your back gets stronger and you get the form right. :)