Monday, April 16, 2012

Post-challenge Day 33 + Apr 16 WOD: Twofer wall balls

Today's meals

Breakfast: Paleo pancakes with coconut butter and coconut nectar
Lunch: Chicken fingers, stir-fried eggplant slices with adobo seasoning
Dinner: Same as lunch, plus sauteed spinach
Snacks: Singkamas, paleo cupcakes, apples

Again, yesterday I did the faileo diet. Hence, no post about my meals because it just makes me feel bad. But in other food-related news, an aunt is arriving from the US at the end of the month and I'm planning to order the donut maker I've been eyeing on Amazon. So excited to make paleo donuts!


For the 2-4-1 wall balls, you bounce the ball off the wall and do an extra squat before catching the ball. I tried it out but maybe I'm just too uncoordinated to do it so I scaled down. But I used a 10# ball so I wouldn't feel too bad about scaling.

For the burpee broad jumps, we had to do a burpee first then leap forward until we do 60 feet (3 laps across the box). My time: 11:10.

After the workout, Tere and I worked on our jump ropes then our dead lifts. My dead lift PR last year was 125#. But this morning we worked up until 135#! I think I could do a teensy bit more though, because I was able to lift it 3 times. So maybe my 1RM now is around 140#.

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