Saturday, April 14, 2012

Post-challenge Day 31 + Apr 14 WOD: AMRAP-ing

Today's meals

On second thought, let's forget about today's meals. All I want to say is that it wasn't a clean day. At all. I tried to be as paleo as possible, but in the evening I went to a party. Although I didn't eat rice, I did have dessert. Oh, and before going to the party I had a scoop of cookie dough ice cream (which I don't regret at all).


I went to the box with a friend who wanted to do the trial. Trial class on Saturdays is at 2:30 pm so we had to be there a bit earlier. Watching the trial class made me think of my trial session. I'm quite sure they'd all be getting to know DOMS pretty well tomorrow.

Anyway, on to the WOD. It was 30 mins AMRAP of:

- 3 squat clean to thrusters
- 6 knees to elbows
- 100m sprint

* 45 sec rest

Before the workout, Miggy was telling us to go heavy because it's only 3 reps. Uh, yes, but it's a 30 min AMRAP so no, thanks. Ladies' Rx for the clusters (coz aren't they clusters?) was 95; I used a 45 lb bar. My score: 14 rounds. It wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for the intense heat and humidity. That's probably why the "sprint" turned into a jog for a lot of us.

After WOD-ing, a few of us went to Reebok Eastwood to check if they already had the CrossFit Nanos. We were disappointed to find out that they won't be available till May or June. Bummer.

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